The Spring/Summer 2022 looks you need to know about.

by | Sep 29, 2022

How does your wardrobe shape up for this upcoming season?

Moving out of the Winter months requires transitional clothing that can move from the cooler mornings and evenings of Spring to the heat of a Summer’s Day. We all know about those days that start off like Winter, become Spring then Summer and end off like Autumn moving back into Winter! So the big question is what to wear? 

Of course, trends play their part and we can’t help but take a peek at what’s emerging this season but how about those classic investment pieces that can be taken out for a spin in different guises year on year and that continue to add so much value to your wardrobe? So many outfits can be built around those pieces and there are even some trends that embrace this.

Spring and Summer are the seasons for parties, weddings, bridal showers, festivals and picnics in the wine farms. There are places to go, people to see, occasions to celebrate, so you need to make those pieces in your wardrobe work hard.

This year more than previous years, it’s almost like anything goes, so  “is it “in” or is it “out “?” has become an outdated question. This makes it tricky to narrow it down to a few key pieces.

We asked our co-founders, Kelley Moran and Dorita Correia what their take is on the new seasons looks. Kelley said “I’m very much a neutrals lover – whites, greys, khaki, caramels/browns, so the low-key luxury is a dream for me. Saying that, the splashes of green, orange and pink that are around this Spring have me taken! It doesn’t have to be an all over colour block, just a splash amongst the neutral staples is good enough for me to be happy. I’m also loving the cutouts – when styled right, they can literally work on anyone.” Dorita adds, “The barely there that’s bringing sexy back is what I’m loving”.

When it comes to deciding which Spring/Summer trends to adopt, it all boils down to personal preference and if it works for your style. So here, we’ve outlined the looks, details and ideas that will create the looks of Spring/Summer 2022:

LOW-KEY LUXURY – mainly consisting of the most wearable, neutral toned high-quality wardrobe staples and investment pieces that last beyond the season, as seen at Loewe, Jil Sander and Altuzarra:

PLATFORMS/STACKED SANDALS – heels + comfort = Platforms. They’ll give any outfit a little extra va-va-voom! Think thick soled slops, Velcro sandals to metallic high-high heels:

Y2K FOR TODAY – time to channel your inner Mariah, Britney or Christina. This trend is all about nostaligia for the micro minis and low-rise pants.

DOPAMINE DRESSING – there’s no better way to spice up a neutral wardrobe and who doesn’t love pink?

FEATHERS – they’re everywhere from PJ sets to frou-frou gowns.

PREPPY – school uniform that’s preppy but not prim. There are literally no rules with this one.

CUTOUTS – As the weather warms up, it’s only right that the clothes become less!

BRANDED BAGS – Luxury fashion houses are the most well-known for their branded goods.

MINISKIRTS – The micro mini has struck again.

SUNGLASSES – The classic shape is everywhere again, from Versace to Miu Miu, timeless styles everywhere.

Take what suits you, style it up in your unique way and enjoy the warm weather that this season brings, there really are no rules, just go for it!

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