Our Story

Discover our story and founders

We’re Dorita and Kelley

Friends and female founders of Onrotate.

With our shared love of fashion, our mission is to reduce its environmental impact, create a space to share contemporary designs and have some fun without the guilt or the expense.

Our modern life is ever-changing and we’re ready to inspire today’s women to be who they need to be in any given moment.

We take inspiration from the quality over quantity perspective of times gone by. When fashion was truly savoured and far less disposable.

No need to fill your wardrobe with unworn clothes.

No need to waste time scrolling through endless pages of superfluous fashion.

No need to play safe with that grey jersey over that standout piece.

We’re building a modern fashion business for the 21st century, offering a new way to enjoy clothes in an environmentally and wallet friendly style.

We are Onrotate.

Dorita and Kelley