6 Tips to Help Detox Your Closet

by | Dec 5, 2022

Tips to help detox your closet we hear you ask? There’s nothing like a good closet cleanse to give you a clear mind. Often referred to as a spring clean regardless of whether we’re approaching summer, winter or mid-season, it’s always a good idea. But why is it that we procrastinate over cleansing our closets? It can be an overwhelming task but once done, if done properly, an utterly liberating one. Here are our 6 tips for a healthy closet detox and some post-cleanse storage solutions that should help you on your way…..

1/ Be wary of excuses

It’s so much easier to just keep everything rather than making a decision on which pieces have had their day. This is where emptying your entire wardrobe is the key to success and means keeping a lid on those excuses. We usually resort to one of three attempts of reasoning: “I spent a lot of money on that!”, “That dress reminds me of…..” or “I might wear that again some day”. If you haven’t worn something over the past year, it really is unlikely that you will suddenly start wearing it. Let someone else breathe new life into it, after all, clothes are made to be worn.

A dress that serves as a reminder of an event is a keepsake. Such pieces shouldn’t be taking up valuable wardrobe space but should rather be stored safely away. Having spent a lot of money on an item of clothing is a tricky one but thanks to clothing rental services, this really shouldn’t be an issue any more.  If you have everything in front of you with the aim of creating piles of what to keep, what to give away, what to sell and what to rent, you are more likely to succeed.

2/ Repairs

How many pieces in your wardrobe simply need cleaning or repairing before they have a second lease of life? There’s no reason to put this off. Put all of those pieces into a pile and get them to the laundry or tailors. You’ll see that beautiful dress can be taken out for a spin again. If it’s more than a clean or an alteration, it’s unlikely you’ll breathe new life into anything. Move it to the give away pile. You sometimes have to be ruthless to get this particular job done!

3/ Re-sale

Thrifting is big business. If you have pieces that are still in decent condition but you haven’t worn for a year then think green. You can earn some money at the same time. It’s so important to keep clothing out of landfill, the statistics here are frightening. Just because you’re not enjoying wearing something anymore, doesn’t mean someone else won’t love it as much as you have done in the past.

4/ Rental

With those pieces that you just cannot justify giving away or even selling and that are still in great condition, renting is your best option. We all have those pieces in our wardrobe, but let them work for you. Some rental companies offer a managed service, taking the clothes off your hands so that you don’t even have to store them. Chances are, if you love it, someone else will too. Seeing your clothes play a part in someone else’s story can be super satisfying and you can earn money on an on-going basis. What’s not to love?!

5/ What’s left?

You need to ask yourself if you have a balance of items that reflect the three following categories: personal style essentials, basics and statement pieces. If there are any fashion gaps, your re-sale cash can help you invest in some new or second-hand pieces. If your cleansed closet has left you feeling perfectly detoxed, then rental offerings will be your best friend to fill those gaps and keep things fresh and modern.

6/ How best to store your cleansed closet?

Once you’ve admired your freshly cleansed closet, it’s important that you get the storage right so that everything is easily accessible. Cashmere needs to be folded in a drawer or on a shelf so that it doesn’t stretch and become misshapen. If moths are a problem, store with cedar balls to keep the cashmere munching critters at bay! Silk is light sensitive so must be kept in a dry, dark place to ensure that it doesn’t fade or discolour. Embellished pieces are more often that not heavy, so should also be folded to keep their shape.

For basics like jeans, shirts and t-shirts, colour coding can make finding the ones you want much easier. Remember if you have a smaller space, have winter wear available during winter and summer wear available during summer. Store away pieces in cotton or linen bags or foldable fabric storage boxes so that they can breathe. Plastic is never a good idea for many reasons.

So there are our 6 tips to help detox your closet. What are you waiting for?

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