When is a scarf more than a scarf?

by | Jun 7, 2022

To wear a scarf or not to wear a scarf, that is the question. While the decision to wear a scarf may not be akin to a Shakespeare play, it really is a question worth asking when it comes to fashion. Scarves can work in a myriad of ways and they don’t just have to be about being bundled up in the depths of Winter. We’ve put some ideas together to show you the versatility of this fabulous accessory and how hard-working they can be….

Accessory on accessory

Breathe new life into your bags and bring an outfit to life with one simple addition – a scarf. For any shape and size of bag, as long as it’s got a handle or two, you can make this trend work for you. What a difference it can make to any outfit and there are so many ways of making it work as long as the colour of the scarf matches your outfit. It’s all in how you tie it. If the handles are small, you can simply tie the scarf in a bow to one of the handles. Some bags have removable handgrips, so this is the perfect way to add in a scarf. However, the look that has been seen on street style stars everywhere, is the tightly wrapped scarf on the handle. This renews any bag and adds a fresh, colourful lift to any outfit.

The nineties scarf belt obsession is back

Yes, that’s right. We’re loving all things nineties at the moment and this easy way of using a scarf as a belt can elevate any look, giving you that French girl chic that we all adore. Get those hard wearing basics out of your wardrobe and throw them on. A scarf belt works beautifully with those wardrobe staples of denims and white tees or cashmere sweaters. The great thing is that there are no rules with colour, it just needs to be long enough to be tied at the end with a small knot. If you want to try the look with a dress, then colour and texture become more important but you can still make it work to give you an edgier look if you get the positioning right.

The scarf as a top

Yes, as if you didn’t know thanks to the extraordinary styling prowess of TikTok users, the boring old scarf with a quick twist and a knot can suddenly create the cutest backless top ever. Add in a chain link necklace and you can construct some pretty creative variations. Even if you’ve tried the scarf tucked around the edge of a strapless bra, there’s so much more where that came from. Paired with a wide leg trouser suit, you can cause a stir with this serious trend.

The scarf as a bracelet

Tying a silk scarf around your wrist or even around the wrist band of your watch is an effortless way to highlight this uber-versatile accessory. It’s just more unexpected than a bracelet. If you’re worried the scarf is too long, just loop it a few times around your wrist then knot tightly to create a bow that hangs off to the side. Another great way to add a pop of colour to a more neutral toned outfit.

The scarf hat

If the Olsen twins felt this was right for their label The Row, we’re all good to agree! The scarf hat is simply a full head scarf tied at the back pirate-style, a look that you can easily construct yourself with any silk scarf. It adds a bit of boho-chic to any look and elevates the style of your outfit. You can use neutral colours, pastels or black and navy, any colour goes as long as you can pick it out of your outfit. If this look is too intimidating, then it doesn’t take much to find a multitude of YouTube tutorials on quick and easy ways to style a headscarf from covering the band at the top of your ponytail to a 1950s vibe.

Well, a scarf is not just a boring, old accessory now is it? Of course, there are multiple ways of styling up an outfit by wearing a scarf instead of a necklace and keeping cosy and warm at the same time but this just shows how much more that neck warming accessory can do for you and your style.

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