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How can I become a better Lender?

Here are our top tips to increase your rentals:

  1. Perfect photographs: Upload the highest quality images with a clean white background. The more images showing details of the item, the better.
  2. Detailed description: Try to provide as much detail as possible, all in one place. Specify the fabrics, colour and sizing. If the item comes up small, or is true to size, this information will really help other Members before they request to rent.
  3. Offer advice: Another Member might ask you how to style an outfit. Helpful advice is key to being a good Lender and building our Community.
  4. Response time: Respond to Renter queries as soon as possible and fulfil the order within the transaction and rental timeframes.
  5. Personal touches: Pack your items with care and attention and think about adding personal touches (for example: a handwritten message or a token of appreciation) as these go a long way towards making you stand out from the crowd.
  6. Leave reviews: Members are more likely to rent from a Lender with good reviews. If you’ve had a great experience with a Renter, leave them a review and chances are they’ll rate you too!